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Regency Manor hours: Mon - Fri: 7 am-9 pm, Sat: 8 am-9 pm, Sun: 10 am-6 pm
Access to the Manor is available to members through the side doors via their fob at 6 am daily. Use facilities at your sole discretion.


Wellness Logo

Laura Antonelli, Wellness Director

The Active Adult Lifestyle is vital for maintaining health. At Del Webb at Traditions, an array of health and fitness opportunities are at your disposal. Led by the Wellness Director, Del Webb at Traditions has weekly group exercise classes for all levels of abilities.  

Laura, our Wellness Director,  began her health and fitness journey at the age of five when she fell in love with the sport of gymnastics and the game of soccer.  Years later her passion for wellness grew after serving as a caregiver for her father that suffered from many chronic health issues. Through this experience, Laura was determined to take better care of herself through exercise, healthy eating and reducing stress. These changes soon led her to a full-time career in wellness. Laura is living her purpose by helping people reap the benefits of healthier living. As a certified personal trainer, certified holistic wellness coach and certified plant-based nutrition expert, she firmly believes in the collective power of the mind, body and spirit. 

She is also serving the Del Webb community by mentoring, educating, guiding and inspiring all members who would like to implement positive wellness choices they have identified into their lifestyle. 


Fitness passes are available for purchase at the front desk of the Amenity Center.  

You are able to buy passes for one, ten or twenty classes.

Upcoming Events
Upcoming Wellness Class

Try out one of our many classes below. The first class is free to try.

Aqua Strength (all levels):Condition and sculpt your entire body in this fully aquatic strength-training and conditioning class. This workout will increase muscle definition, burn calories, and improve flexibility. Push, pull, and press against the natural resistance of water. Leave feeling refreshed, energized, and STRON0G!

Aqua Zumba (all levels):
Low impact high energy aquatic exercise routine. Aqua Zumba blends the Zumba fun with water resistance, making a pool party workout you don’t want to miss! Benefits include less impact to joint, muscle toning resistance, and cardiovascular conditioning. 

Dancing Through the Decades (all levels):
Dancing Through the Decades is a fun, low-impact cardiovascular fitness class for everyone! This class will take you on a journey in time through dance and music.

Simply Strength Light (all levels):Work your body head to toe with a combination of beginner strength-training exercises focusing on repetitions and light weights. This 45-minute class will help you maintain muscular strength and endurance with coordination and balance.


Zumba Gold (all levels):Latin and international music and dance themes create a motivating workout at a slower pace than traditional Zumba. Body sculpting movements are combined with easy to follow dance steps.

Strength and Stamina Circuit Training (Intermediate):This class will introduce you to the concept of circuit training as a means to increased fitness. Complete circuits that incorporate both resistance and cardiovascular exercises using body weight and various types of equipment. Whether your goal for joining us is injury prevention, improving cardiovascular fitness, increasing strength, promoting weight loss, or just flat out having FUN, you won’t be disappointed!

Cardio Splash & More (all levels):Increase your cardiovascular fitness—and core muscle strength—through interval workouts using low-impact movements. This class includes a lengthy stretch and restorative time, inviting you to explore your inner Zen, while increasing your flexibility, range of motion, joint health, heart health and more.

Mat Stretch and Flexibility (all levels):This 45-minute stretch class is designed to help you help your body recover from your dedicated daily workout routines OR from your daily non-movement—both hurt equally! A wonderful and important compliment to your regular routine to help you stay injury and pain free, this class will start out with a dynamic warm up for your joints and muscles and will be followed by a variety of stretching methods—incorporating standing and lying positions--to open and lengthen your muscles from all angles, deepen your posture, and improve flexibility, range of motion, and technique.

Regency Manor Pool Information

  • In case of thunder or lightning the indoor pool/spa will close due to safety hazards. 
  • Please always shower before using the swimming pool or spa.  


The pool will be closed for open swim for Water Aerobic Club activities during the hours listed below. 

Tuesday    9:10 am-9:55 am
1:00 pm - 2:00 pm
Thursday  10:10 am-10:55 am
Thursday  1:00 pm - 2:00 pm
Saturday  11:00 am - 12:00 pm

The pool will be closed the fourth Wednesday of every month from 9 am to Noon for a deep cleaning.

Children's Swim is daily 4 to 6 pm.  This is for children 4 and up and they must be potty trained.  No diapers are allowed.

Senior Tennis
Senior exercising in pool

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